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Japanese animals

February 12, 2012

We export Japanese reptiles, amphibians, and other animals to all over the world.
Now, tempature in Jpanan getting warm and season will be started soon.

These species below is small part of our animals to propose to you guys!!

-Japanese pond turtles(Mauremys japonica)
-Yellow pond turtle(Mauremys mutica)
-Mauremys m. kami
-Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
-Reeve's pond turtle(Chinemys reevesii)
-Japanese tree frog(Hyla japonica)
-Japanese toad(Bufo japonicus japonicus)
-Eastern-Japanese Common Toad(Bufo japonicus formosus)
-Schlegel's green tree frog(Rhacophorus schlegelii)
-Kajika frog(Buergeria buergeri)
-Japanese Brown Frog(Rana japonica)

They are CB and WC.

We also export zoo animals& marine animals to the facility arounf the world.

Japanese animals1

Japanese animals2

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