Export of Tosa dog to Indonesia.



December 26, 2014

Export of Tosa dog to Indonesia.


輸出代行 ペットの海外引越し ペットを連れての帰国 Pettravel 犬輸出 ペットと海外 pet transport





I have exported tosa to Indonesia from Japan at the request of the Indonesian client. Tosa who is in Japan is intended to be used to create a strong dog for fighting dogs is a tradition from the old days. Tosa fighting dog is also continued at present, but the most isn't a pure Tosa dog, there are very much mixed dogs. When not having a connection with an organizer of an athletic meeting to get a Tosa dog in a pure extraordinarily large class, the acquisition is impossible. Because a Tosa dog in a pure extraordinarily large class is defended. Client's request was Tosa for a pet of the blood which becomes big. The Tosa dog is a Japanese dog species. However, the Tosa dog which becomes large even if it is a Japanese dog species has only a handful in the relation. Tosa's puppy we arranged, a father, 78kg and a mother are 73kg. And this puppy will be beyond 70 kg. We arranged the Tosa dog with the pure stirps of Large class and exported it to Indonesia safely. And we performed ear cropping by a famous veterinarian of ear cropping to let the ear of the dog stand by the demand of the client. And we did postoperative close care to stand an ear well. We are glad to receive the news that arrived at Indonesia safely from a client heartily. We are happy if he live with a new owner happily.